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21st century vaginal surgery will be endoscopic or will disappear  !!

Capture d’écran 2018-12-29 à
Capture d’écran 2018-12-29 à

CL Lee

J Baekelandt

N Bourdel

E Leblanc

F Willison

Natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery for hysterectomy CL Lee (Taiwan)

Transabdominal laparoscopy or natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery: a randomised controlled trial J Baekelandt (Belgium)

Pelvic node dissections by single-port transvaginal laparoscopic surgery E Leblanc (France) (presented by N Bourdel)

Endoscopic vaginal surgery for Prolapse N Bourdel (France)

The Three C’s (choice, chance, change) non-invasive novel approach to pelvic floor disorders 

for the Modern Woman. F Willison (Australia)

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