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Should or will the OR become an Airline cockpit ?

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T Grantcharov *

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JE Villalta


P Koninckx

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J Peyras


A Van Dalen **

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N Padoy

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Black box recording and video recording of the procedure Rationale T Grantcharov (Canada)

* (The video of Pr Grantcharov is a Ted Talk recorded in 2015)

Black box recording: airline pilot experience and current perspectives JE Villalta (France)

Video recording of the surgical procedure should become compulsory P Koninckx (Belgium)

Data Science: Making Predictions from the Massive Digital Data of the Modern World J Peyras (France)

Black Box recording of surgery data experience and perspective after one year A Van Dalen (Netherlands)

** Pr Schijven is head of department of Dr Van Dalen. The video was not recorded during the meeting but illustrates the philosophy of the team in using of black box

Real-time Analysis of the Surgical Workflow : Moving towards a Surgical Control Tower N Padoy (France)

To see the Video click on the speaker

M Schijven**

Main Sessions

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