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Free Communications 2


P. Crochet

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G Moawad

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E Jokinen

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R Briki

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P Torok
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V To

Video-based self-assessment for training laparoscopic hysterectomy procedural skills on a virtual reality

simulator: a randomized-controlled study P Crochet (France)

Augmented reality to improve spatial awareness in gynecologic surgery G Moawad (USA)

Effect of a simple curriculum on surgical outcome of resident’s first live operative laparoscopy E Jokinen (Finlande)

Can we speak about innovation in healthcare without understanding

block chain impacts in clinician practice ? endometriosis

as a user case to understand how blockchain could impact radically the healthcare J Bouaziz (Israel)

Clinical evaluation of the efficacy of static trainer training pelvic-trainer

in a certificate program of complementary study of gynecological endoscopy R Briki & Z Zemni (Tunisia)

Software for developing of assistance skills during endoscopy P Török (Hungary)

The care master class 5-day integrative hands-on course – a successful model

in teaching minimally invasive surgery at all levels based on 17 years experience V To  (Canada)

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