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Economical resources are not unlimited


JP Beregi



S Boughizane



JD Villegas



J Baekelandt



J Dankelman


Quality VS Pertinence How expensive could be medical technology a radiologist point of view? JP Beregi (France)


Challenges for development of endoscopic surgery worldwide ? S Boughizane (Tunisia)

What can we learn from the development and current limitations of endoscopic surgery in Colombia. JD Villegas (Colombia)


Is my smartphone screen, the future of endoscopic surgery? iHysterectomy: Frugal by iPhone. J Baekelandt ( Belgium)

Could technology progresses reduce the costs ? J Dankelman (Netherlands)

Pr Dankelman did not accepted video recording of her presentation, her ideas are summarized in a TED talk

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Main Sessions

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