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Free Communications 1

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G Moawad

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S Mafalda Maia (A)

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R Briki

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R Szabo

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S Mafalda Maia


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Comparison between single-site and multiport robot-assisted myomectomy techniques: a multicenter study. G Moawad (USA)

Influence of recent lastt training on lastt certification scores S Mafalda Maia(A)(Portugal)

Impacts of a medical application in gynecology obstetrics on the quality of learning

of second cycle medical students R Briki, Z Zemni (Tunisia)

Barriers and enablers to establishing a sustainable gynaecological simulation program in a teaching hospital. R Szabo  (Australia)

Education on laparoscopic surgery and entry techniques – a national survey of obgyn residents S Mafalda Maia(B)(Portugal)

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