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Beyond Gynecologic Surgery (BGS) was organized in Clermont Ferrand

in APRIL 2018


"This meeting was not another endoscopy meeting!

It was about "the future of gynecologic surgery" 

Paving the way for the 21st century surgeons!!

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

Eleanor Roosevelt



Dear Speakers and participants


The meeting took place almost 8 months ago !


I learned a lot of things and came out from this experience exhausted, stressed and convinced that the results were worth the efforts.

Many people thought that this meeting was too advanced. But Having another look on our work is essential to understand our future.


            - Having a nanorobots expert who showed us that bacteria are moving using a flagellum and that one of his goal was to design new instrument which mimics these bacteria was quite impressive!

            - Learning that 17 millions people are dying every year just because they do not have access to surgery. 

            - Understanding how risky it is to run a you tube channel using video from surgeries of patients recently operated in your department. 

            - Learning from the mesh law suits how difficult it is when lawyers and judges trained to cross examination ask you to confirm that you said something which may be understood against the theory that you were supposed to support is also a major event. This will indeed change our relationship with industry when developing and pioneering new technologies.

All these experiences were interesting and will appear essential. I am convinced that most surgeons, who could not come, would be interested in listening to the presentations.


We are now able to begin to post these presentations on the web site of the meeting which will be kept active and alive .

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